Artistic Career

Violetta Jesse de Jansen

Violetta Jesse de Jansen is a Dutch artist, born in Canne, France in 1963. Her early childhood was spent growing up on a ship. Later she visited schools in Germany and Spain.

Violetta’s parents always enjoyed the company of many differing international artists who greatly influenced and impressed Violetta as a young girl. They soon recognised her creative talents and encouraged her in her artistic endeavours. Thus it is not surprising that she later turned towards the  Anthroposophical teachings of Rudolf Steiner, which have come to form a fundamental part of her studies and which may be rediscovered in her work.

She has been living in Mallorca since 2002 where she is active as an independent artist.

Artistic Carrer

1967-1994 Supported and Influenced by some important Artists such as:

Maestro Francisco Espinoza Dueñas (Painter, Engraver and Ceramist Burgos-Spain)

Maria Antonia Carrio (Ceramist, Mallorca- Spain)

Claude Duval de la Noe (Painter,Toulouse-France)

Prof.Ernst Reuter (Painter and Engraver,Folkwang University of Art Essen-Germany)

Renate Bonin (Ceramist, Essen Werden-Germany)

Juan Madojo (Painter and Sculptor, Barcelona- Spain, Port Vendres-France).

1985-2002 Participation in artistic seminars nationally and internationally,   auto-didactic further studies.

1985 Studies as Naturopath in Essen-Germany

1990-2002 Anthroposophical Waldorf training in Essen, Dortmund, Witten-Germany

2002-2013 Art Studio for children in Mallorca-Spain

2002-2013 Independent Art Studio “Artevioletta” Mallorca-Spain

2011 Art Therapy Studies UIB Mallorca-Spain